Friday, February 10, 2012

Next Class Project
Selective Focus
Project Description
Using the manual aperture control in combination with the shutter speed control on a 35 mm camera to achieve a shallow depth of focus in a series of photographs (one roll, 36 exposures).
35mm camera, 36 exposure black and white film, Tri-x or Ilford XP 5, Light,
Using the manual aperture and shutter controls of the camera, shoot a minimum of one roll of black and white photograph that demonstrate the phenomenon of shallow focus.  Explore the expressive possibilities of fragmenting and designing with the camera frame. Use the selective area of focus to create visual meaning by isolating, clarifying or obscuring a subject or object. Create an extended series of photographs based on this process. (no less than 36 exposures)

Select five negatives from this series for printing up to 8x10 size.

Due; 2/20

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