Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Assignment, Fragments

Montserrat College of Art

Project Title; Fragments
Project Description;
Three to five 8x10 black and white photographs which explore the compositional idea of photographic composition through framing and fragmentation.
Materials; Photo studio lighting, 35 mm camera with black and white ISO 400 film, 36 exposures., Use the light meteer in the camera to manually set  aperture and shutter speed. Frame images of the human form in fragments. Using at least two edges of the film frame to compose fragment image of the subject. Shoot a minimum of 18 frames. Make contact sheets from negatives. Select 3 images to print at 8x10 size.
Pair up with another student in the class, Load one roll of  36 exposure black and white . film into a 35 mm camera Using the 35mm film camera with the setting on manual shoot  one half of the roll (18 frames) of each other in the photo studio. The studio will be set up with continuous light instruments. You can collaborate with your partner on how to approach the shoot.  Do not show the whole figure in any of  the frames ie, no portraits, use parts of the face, torso and limbs to compose the photographs. Take frequent light reading to determine proper exposure. Trade places with your partner.
Concept; An exploration of 2-dimensional composition by framing and fragmenting the subject. Using the photographic frame to compose abstractly.

Due Date;2/13

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